10 August 2014

Your individual way of life ... - getting started with Kama Fitness!

Hallo, ihr Lieben!
Ihr seht, der Titel ist dieses mal sehr lang, und der Post wird auch etwas völlig Neues - etwas in der Form hat es auf "Wanna be different" bisher noch nicht gegeben. Diesen Post werdet ihr ausnahmsweise nur auf Englisch lesen können, denn es handelt sich um ein Thema, das weit über den deutschsprachigen Raum hinausgeht! Ich hoffe sehr, dass euch der Beitrag trotzdem gefällt, stattet der Website doch mal einen Besuch ab!

Hi everybody!

Probably most of you are on my blog for the first time as I usually write in German - you see, it is a German blog and I also live in Germany.
Well, please excuse my mistakes, I know that the orthography and the grammar really isn't perfect! And I hope it will be easy to read the post though!

Today I will show you a website I love to read!

Although I go riding at least twice a week, I like doing some workouts at home as well. I do not want some muscles to be trained while others are neglected. And one day, when I googled what kind of exercises I could do, I found this site. It is called "Kama Fitness" and there, a young woman, Karen, shares her knowledge about e.g. fitness and balanced nutrition with the world.

Well, you may think something like "Ah, just another girl that acts as if she knew everything about fitness and so on".
First I thought the same. But then I read what she writes about herself!
Karen is not just one more young woman who is interested in fitness!
She absolutely knows what she is talking about as she is a certified personal trainer.
Here is what Karen says about her website:
Kama Fitness is my lifestyle.
It is my way of sharing how I take life one day at a time while incorporating a healthy 80/20 split.
80 % healthy eats & treats - 20 % everything else.
There are no rules, no counting calories and no being hard on yourself for missing a workout.
We are only on this earth for one life and I'm going to make it the best damn life possible!

She mainly writes about fitness and lots of very nice workout plans. And you can absolutely get jealous when you see how fit and defined her body is!
I really like doing sports but I will never be as fit as Karen! I have the deepest respect for her endurance!

You do not only find workout plans on her site, she also writes about healthy nutrition.
I know, healthy nutrition is something most people do not like to think about. And I admit it - I really do not eat healthy food regularly.

But when you see the great recipes and the photos of what she just cooked or baked, then you know that balanced nutrition is not only about eating salad!

Well, that is basically all I can tell you about Kama Fitness.
And honestly, visit the website and check out yourself how wonderful Karen helps you to find your best possible lifestyle!

Find your individual way of life - with Kama Fitness!

xoxo, Selina

This is no sponsored post. It is my personal opinion and it was my own idea to write this post about Kama Fitness.
All pictures belong to Kama Fitness - thank you that I could take them!

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